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Mitchel & Co - After care guide and Warranty.

Here at Mitchel & Co we hope that you continue to enjoy your jewellery long into the future. Our expert team are always available to provide advice on caring for your jewellery, as well as repairs or sizings, now or in the future.For any questions at all, we are here to assist, simply call us on 01212330511, where we are on hand to provide advice during business hours. We have every confidence in the quality of our jewellery and for your peace of mind, warrant that all Mitchel & Co products will be free from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of your jewellery. If you feel that your purchase has a manufacturing defect, we invite you to return it to us for
inspection by our workshop team. Once assessed, we will be in touch and if our team determine your purchase is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product or, where necessary, replace it.

The warranty covers defects arising from the manufacturing and crafting process, but does not cover normal wear or damage due to everyday misuse, long term general wear and tear or accidental damage. Manufacturing faults usually present themselves early on, and can be rectified quickly. All jewellery will require ongoing maintenance and servicing in the long term to keep metal work in good condition and stones tight.

Mitchel & Co proudly select the finest materials for all of our jewellery, and undertake the highest quality of workmanship. We create many bespoke designs in line with customer requirements, and occasionally may reserve the right to exempt jewellery designs from our Warranty, on the basis that they are not suitable for day to day wear.


Our approach to providing the best experience includes being there for our customers long after the purchase of your special jewellery. If you have any concerns about your jewellery we encourage you to bring it to our attention as
soon as possible, where our experts can help resolve any issues and provide the best advice. In the first instance, please contact us via telephone or email so we can discuss the return of the item to us for inspection. Simply email the team at info@mitchelandco.com, or call us on 0121 2330511. Once we receive your jewellery we will endeavour to assess the item in the workshop within 3-5
working days. We guarantee an honest assessment of any jewellery problems and will always explain in full any issues we find. Where necessary, the team will carry out a repair or replacement under our warranty and detail the required lead time to you. If any issue or damage does not fall within our warranty conditions, and is not deemed a manufacturing fault, we will provide an estimate for repair.
Our jewellery is handcrafted and tailor made for you, therefore please note that each item may have minor inconsistencies and irregularities to another, or in comparison to a showroom item. Variation in craftsmanship is not deemed a defect, and is simply part of the handmade processes during manufacturing.

Jewellery is subject to normal, day-to-day wear, activities and trauma. We do not provide a warranty to repair, replace or refund for the usual wear or loss of stones as the result of accidental damage. All of our jewellery is hallmarked and tested by the Assay Office, and is of the highest quality. Scratching and marking is likely over the course of time, as precious metal encounters day to day life, and will need to be maintained and polished to keep it looking good. Please take advantage of our cleaning services to allow us to help care for your items. Mitchel & Co. are not responsible for general wear and tear over the lifetime of your ring, any
accidental damage, or theft. Examples of issues that are not deemed to be manufacturing issues. 

include (but are not limited to);

  • Loose diamonds, pulled or bent claws.
  • Dents, scratches and nicks to the metal - these are inevitable during wear.
  • Discolouration from chemical exposure
  • Lost stones from impacts, breakages or metal that has become bent
  • Mis-shapen rings from ‘hands on’ activities, gym work, gardening or heavy duty tasks. (See our care guide)
  • Jewellery manufactured in 9kt Golds are not covered by our warranty, nor are Opals, or any item created in our workshop re-using/ re-purposing a customers own goods (inc. Metals, chains, diamonds or gemstones).
  • All repairs and resizing are undertaken with our best advice, but are at the owners risk, we therefore do not accept responsibility for customer goods that become damaged during the re-modelling process.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Mitchel & Co Manufacturer’s Warranty is only available to the owner of the item, and for items made in their entirety by our own workshop, refurbishments of third party jewellery are exempt from our warranty. Alterations made by third party jewellers, retailers or repairers, such as sizing or adjusting setting will void your warranty, and can be easily detected upon inspection. Jewellery must be seen for service no less than once every 18 months to retain warranty conditions. Regular inspections will help to prevent issues and allow us to advise on potential wear and tear. Our warranty does not cover theft or loss, and we therefore advise you select an appropriate insurance plan to cover your item.

When purchasing diamond jewellery, our customers should be aware that diamonds and gemstones have naturally occurring inclusions, irregularities in colour, size and shape and other individual characteristics. At Mitchel & Co, our gemologists are trained to discuss all aspects with you through a consultation process, and will endeavour to make you aware of the unique characteristics of your purchase. Transparency and trust are very important to us and the buying process, therefore if you have any questions about the characteristics of your diamonds/ gemstone,
we are here to explain and assist your understanding, in accordance with its GIA/ IGI certificate. Such characteristics will not be deemed a defect.


We understand that accidents happen.. and sometimes we have to take things up a gear to get your jewellery back to its gleaming best.

Knocks, dinks and scrapes happen. Pulled claws or spinning stones, we have seen it all. Naturally we want you Ito show off your ring at it’s very best. A refurb or repair takes a bit more time in the workshop than the standard service, but we are happy to provide estimates on MCo jewellery to our customers on a simple cost basis. Get in touch for a quote and our team will be happy to help get your jewellery back to its best as quickly as possible.
NB: excludes sizing, missing diamonds, plating and finishes. Standard charges apply.


Like a fine tailored suit or dress, we expect that new purchases may need a little tweak to get them just right. Our first sizing service for your new purchase is complimentary within the first 6 months. Simply bring your ring to the store and we can advise on the best adjustment for you new purchase. Where possible we will endeavour to make this happen as quickly as we can and booking is essential.
Further sizing can be undertaken in the future and we can arrange estimates where applicable.

NB: There are always a few exceptions where sizing is not possible due to the nature of the chosen design. Our experienced team will always ensure customers are advised where this is the case.


At Mitchel & Co, we recommend having your jewellery inspected between 12 and 18 months from initial purchase. We will clean, check and polish jewellery as part of our aftercare package. This is a complimentary service that we encourage our customers to take advantage of, and recommend contacting us to book ahead. Maintaining your items properly will help to extend the life of your jewellery and keep it looking great. Our cleaning and inspection service is free of charge on Mitchel & Co made jewellery, for the first two years from initial purchase.
Our team of experts can make arrangements for complimentary servicing to be booked with our workshop. Lead times for cleaning services can vary depending on the live workshop availability, and for the quickest turnaround weekdays Mon-Thurs are advised. Contact us directly to book in.

Jewellery can be sent to us via post, however please be aware that postage charges are applicable to return items to our customers.
Important note about ‘Finishes’; Special finishes, such as platings and diamond cuttings, as well as
engravings inside and outside of the ring can be altered or lost during servicing and repair orresize. Mitchel & Co will always advise and inspect items prior to service, however we cannot guarantee that they will be retained. If any ‘finishes’, engravings, or ‘replating’ (in the case of white golds) need to be replaced on your jewellery there will be an additional cost to the customer. POSTAL services can be arranged, please contact us for information. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is paramount to our Mitchel & CO values, and we welcome all feedback. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to elevate or improve your time in store.

PLEASE NOTE that we value our expert team and abuse will not be tolerated. Mitchel & Co reserve the right to withdraw any and all complimentary services at our discretion, and in accordance with fair usage.


At Mitchel & CO we always recommend insuring your new purchase against loss, damage and theft. On purchasing your jewellery we will advise you of a replacement value for insurance. This is highly recommended in addition to our warranty. Our recommended insurer is TH March. To arrange cover with TH March, call 01822 855 555 or visit their website www.thmarch.co.uk. Our jewellery reference number is AM237T. Alternatively, you may wish to add your jewellery to your home
contents insurance. Simply ask for details. Please see our separate guide on how best to care for your jewellery https://mitchelandco.com/pages/ring-care-guide


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