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Our beautiful showroom is open and ready with the warmest of welcomes. The personal, one to one service, (that we have all missed so much), along with our attention to detail is what sets Mitchel & Co apart, so it’s great to be back.

Whether it’s finally time to plan those all important wedding rings, or choose the perfect engagement ring, Mitch and the team are looking forward to creating your treasured jewellery. All of our Mitchel & Co ‘handmade originals’ are ready and waiting in the counters, and our Master Craftsmen are back at the bench, in our onsite workshop- creating beautiful tailor-made engagement and wedding rings in the Jewellery Quarter.

We are continuing to follow Covid-safe precautions, so where possible, booking your appointment ahead of time will allow us to create the best possible in-store experience.

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Existing Orders; If you currently have an order with us, there is a possibility of a delay, therefore we recommend contacting us prior to making an appointment so we can advise you on the scheduled completion date. Our workshop and production team are working like the clappers to catch up following our Covid closure, so please bear with us. If you have a new date for your wedding please let us know via [info@mitchelandco.com]
 For servicing and sizings; We cannot currently guarantee a same day service during the weekdays. Please make a booking using the appointment system and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements where possible, and will contact you to advise on likely timeline for services, such as cleaning and polishing.

Why book an appointment?

Aside from keeping everyone safe, knowing even a little bit of info ahead of time helps us be prepared for your visit. There is so much choice, particularly if you are considering an engagement or wedding ring, that it can be overwhelming at first. The team can guide you best when we know what’s on your mind. So, any pictures of rings your ideas, a rough budget or designs that are just in your head are a great starting point.
One of our consultants can do some of the legwork in advance, prepare some of our beautiful jewellery for you to view, whilst leaving you to enjoy your time with us in store.

What is the process during an appointment?

After some initial discussions prior to your visit, you will be designated a member of the team to guide you through your experience with us. When you visit, we will be sure to provide a warm welcome and spend time showing you our beautiful jewellery in the showroom in the Jewellery Quarter. You will then be guided through a more detailed consultation at the light desks, where you can view any loose diamonds or gemstones, and chat through the aspects of designs. We have plenty to see from CAD designs to wax models, and you can even view our onsite workshop and spectate on our jewellery as it is being made.

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Whether you want to make a statement or simply take their breath away, you’ll find the perfect piece in one of our collections. We source the finest gemstones and precious metals to create diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces in a range of contemporary styles. And if you’d like it in a different size, colour or metal, we’ll make it for you.

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Mitchel & Co is an established, independent, and family-run jeweller based in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. We design and create the beautiful pieces that help you to mark the most momentous occasions in your life. We’re particularly specialist at making stunning engagement rings, perfect wedding bands, and almost anything with a diamond in it.

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‘How do I find out their ring size?’

There are a lot of ways to figure out your partner’s ring finger size. The easiest way is to outright ask them, or bring them engagement ring shopping with you. However, if you value the element of surprise, then you can try more secretive methods of gathering this information. 

The next simplest methods of figuring it out are to involve their friends and family. For example, if they have a friend who’s recently gotten engaged then you could ask that friend to let your partner try on their ring. You can also ask their friends or family members to ask them questions about their ring finger size and tastes in engagement rings – ‘just in case’ you decide to pop the question and come to them for advice. Make sure that you trust any friends or family that you let in on the secret to keep it to themselves. 

If they are a deep sleeper then you can try to measure their finger with a piece of string. This is potentially quite a risky and nerve-wracking way of finding out though. 

Finally, you can borrow another of their rings. If you can, use a ring that they wear on their right ring finger for this, as it will provide the most accurate measurement. If you bring the borrowed ring to us to measure, make sure that they won’t notice it’s missing. 

If you think they would notice their missing ring, you can measure it by placing it on one of your own fingers and drawing a line around the bottom of the ring. This method works best if you have bigger fingers than they do. If you don’t you may want to place the ring on a piece of paper and draw around the inside of it instead. 


‘Do couples go engagement ring shopping together?’

Couples can absolutely go engagement ring shopping together. It can be a fun and romantic way to get an idea of your partner’s tastes and to have their ring finger measured so that the ring fits perfectly right away.

Some other pros are that it decreases the stress of choosing a ring (especially if you’re having the ring custom made) and they’ll be able to enjoy the building anticipation of knowing that you’re going to propose soon. 

However, if you or your partner particularly loves surprises or values the romantic tradition of keeping the proposal a secret then there are other ways to figure out their tastes and ring finger size without directly involving them. 


‘What should I look for when buying an engagement ring?’

You should choose an engagement ring based on the tastes of the person who’ll be wearing it. The 4 C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat) are good to keep in mind but what matters is that your partner will love the ring and enjoy wearing it for the rest of their life.

Try to find out what your significant other’s tastes in jewellery are before you go ring shopping. If you’ve already discussed getting married you can outright ask or even bring them to a ring shop.

However, if you’d prefer to keep everything a secret then pay attention to the jewellery they typically wear and consider asking their closest friends and family for their input. 

Your partner can use the ‘drop a hint’ feature on any of our products to let you know about rings that they particularly like. 


‘When should you order wedding rings?’

Wedding rings don’t have to be decided upon first, unlike venues and wedding dresses, as they won’t influence the rest of your wedding planning. However, you don’t want to leave choosing rings too late and run out of time. Ordering the rings 3-4 months before your wedding should be okay.

At Mitchel and Co you can order custom wedding rings, which means you can select the perfect rings for you and your partner. 


‘Can you wear an engagement ring on your right hand?’

It’s traditional in the UK to wear your engagement ring on your left hand but it’s not compulsory. The tradition comes from a Roman belief that there’s a vein in your left ring finger which runs directly to your heart. They called this the ‘vena amoris’ or ‘vein of love’. 

However, many other countries around the world have different traditions that are just as romantic. If you or your partner is from a culture with different traditions then it might be sweetly symbolic to follow those instead. 

Countries where it’s traditional to wear an engagement ring on the right hand include Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Greece, and Colombia. 


‘Is the wedding ring on top or bottom?’

Some people choose to wear their rings in the order they were given to them (with the wedding ring on top) but it’s more common to wear the wedding ring on the bottom so that it’s closest to your heart. Ultimately, it’s up to you.  


‘Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?’

You can continue to wear your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. The wedding ring can be placed above it and then you can swap them around afterwards if you wish. Many remove their engagement ring, however, as it can steal the show from the wedding ring. 

Another option is to place your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand and then move it back into place after the ceremony. You’ll need to test that it fits onto your right ring finger before the big day, as you don’t want to have to deal with a stuck ring. 

Finally, if neither of the other options works for you, you can leave your ring with a trusted friend or family member. If you leave it with one of your witnesses then they can give it back to you when you’re signing the marriage register.