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Crafting stunning jewellery is in our blood.

We’re passionate about finding people the perfect rings. Many jewellers will sell you what they want; we’ll sell you exactly what you want. No matter whether we’re working closely with you to craft a bespoke ring from scratch, or you’re looking to purchase something from our limited-edition signature range, you can be certain that our passion and heart goes into every single ring we create. It’s our goal to bring honesty and passion to the industry; we’re here to help you find or craft the perfect ring for your budget. No salesmanship, no nonsense – let’s talk jewellery.

Our Story

We’re an independent jewellery maker based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. We draw on generations of experience in crafting the finest rings out of the highest-quality materials, specialising in stunning engagement rings, perfect wedding bands – essentially anything with a diamond in it! 

Over the years we’ve built a reputation for exceptional quality, with people travelling from all over the country to visit us in the Jewellery Quarter. 

You can only get Mitchel & Co quality directly from us. We are the only jewellers in the Jewellery Quarter who make all of our rings from scratch in our workshop, using only the finest materials and the most elegant gemstones.

You won’t find rings designed by us anywhere else in the world.

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The National Association of Jewellers named us Retailer of the Year 2022 for our exceptional service, commitment to quality and our ongoing work to better the Jewellery Quarter.

Visit us in store to see why people come back to us time and time again.

A Family Passion

Our process

Step 1 - Learn About You : In store or online, our expert team will show you a range of exquisite pieces to try on, you might find your one true ring. If not, it's a bespoke ring you need.

Step 2 - Into production : Once ready, your design is sent to our on-site production team right here in our Birmingham workshop. It’s here that designs start to take shape, with draft images, measurements, and modelling. Depending on the design, we will hand-carve waxes, create rendered CAD images, and print 3D wax models.

Step 3 - Casting: Like baking a perfect cake, casting in precious metal is an art. All of our metals are, of course, hallmarked, but using a good quality metal caster is the key to creating a ring that will stand the test of time.

Step 4 - Mount it up : Once we have our rough casting, the next stage is ‘clean up’. Here our mounter/jeweller has the job of perfecting the metal by filing, shaping, sizing, and finishing.

Step 5 - Off to be hallmarked : Until recently, the UK was the only country to have an assay office, responsible for testing all precious metals and hallmarking them as a legal requirement. Our jewellery goes to Birmingham Assay Office to be stamped with the Birmingham anchor mark, as well as our very own Mitchel & Co makers mark.

Step 6 - Get Set, go! : With the ring now prepared, it’s off to be set with diamonds and gemstones. Each diamond is carefully secured with varying setting styles, often under a microscope, to get a flawless finish and security.

Step 7 - Polish and shine : Now it’s to our specialist polisher to perfect the final piece of jewellery, buffing and shining. To bring the refined article together . Then our production team guide every order through a maze of weighs, checks, and quality control to finally produce an heirloom for you to treasure.

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Meet the Team

Mitch Bicknell

Mitch possibly knows all there is to know about diamonds. Mitchel has worked in the jewellery trade for most of his career, starting out at G.L.Bicknell and Sons.

First established in 1979, it was here at the family shop that Mitchel learnt about the manufacturing process, growing up in the workshops and watching his father work at the board setting diamonds and gems.

Over the years, Mitchel has worked the shop floor, helping customers choose beautiful jewellery and advising on bespoke items or large stones. He later went on to study at the Diamond High Council, Antwerp for his Diamond Grading Diploma, giving him a highly skilled technical background in Diamonds.

Mitchel can be found every day in the shop, combining his diamond knowledge, practical experience, and friendly manner to help customers choose an exceptional diamond ring or piece of handmade jewellery.

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Meet the Team

Helen Bicknell

Helen and Mitch met in 2004 and have two daughters, Layla and Brooke. On most days, you will find both Helen and Mitch working together in the shop, and this often provides a 'humourous' insight into the term 'family business'.

Before setting up shop, Mitchel & Helen worked for the National Trust, managing commercial operations and the visitor experience. With extensive retail knowledge and an eye for both product and design, Helen has an influence over many designs you can find in the store in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

If you are unsure of where to begin your search for your perfect ring, a consultation with Helen should be the first stop on your quest. Over the years, she's put many couples on the right path!

Meet the Team


The Mitchel & Co mascot.

Wallace A.K.A Wally is a 1 year old Liver Spotted Dalmation.

He loves destroying household objects, eating carrots and recieving attention from any and all humans.

"He doesn't know how big he is, he thinks he's a lap dog! He smiles with his teeth when he's happy, it's not aggressive we promise!"

In house workshop for tailored designs
Leading expert knowledge
image Welcoming environment

“Working at Mitchel & Co is how a job ’should be'. There is such a sense of pride among our team, we all play a part in creating something that customers will admire for years to come. It is genuinely a rewarding place to be each day”

Sophie, Production Manager

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Our Signature Collection

Rely on our wealth of experience and choose a ring from our signature range. Each ring is a limited edition, exquisitely designed by Mitchel himself.

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