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By using the website you agree to the following terms and conditions. You should read and acknowledge the following terms and conditions before using this website. Mitchel & Co reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions, at our own discretion, therefore you should check these pages each time you visit the website. Any changes made will come into effect immediately and your continuance of using this website will constitute
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Queries regarding this, or any other of Mitchel & Co’s policies, should be emailed to info@mitchelandco.com

Use of www.mitchelandco.com

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Mitchel & Co is the owner of:

Intellectual property including, but not limited to, the Mitchel & Co logo, design,
text, copy, graphics, original photographs, product designs and descriptions.

Credit is given to materials, where applicable, that originate from any other source. Users are permitted to use our site material, which can be electronically copied, when use is strictly personal and non-commercial.

As per applicable UK law Mitchel & Co has the right to bar users or terminate session at our discretion should users infringe upon the outlined terms and conditions.

Information and content on this website may be sourced from third parties, where applicable. Mitchel & Co will not be held liable for third party information, which may include inaccuracies or errors.

Links to third party websites or contact details should be treated cautiously and is entirely at the risk of the user. At Mitchel & Co we believe that the third parties we work with are trustworthy however we cannot control, monitor or ensure the safety of third party websites, content, links, information or other products. We accept no liability for damages caused by such third party links or information.

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2. Ordering, Payment and VAT

2.1. Any order placed with Mitchel & Co, either in person, over the telephone or via the
website, is subject to your acceptable and compliance with these terms and
conditions. Mitchel & Co reserves the right to reject an order.

2.2. Mitchel & Co accepts payment via the following methods, and are able to reject
payments that do not comply with the following:

Debit and Credit Cards
MasterCard and Maestro
Bank Transfer
Cash Payments

LMG Card

1.3. Mitchel & Co does not offer a payment plan. At the time of your order a minimum deposit of 50% will be taken from you, however this may be subject to our discretion. We expect payment of the full and complete amount upon collection of your order or after a period of six weeks from your date of order. Please contact info@mitchelandco.com or your point of contact with any queries regarding this.


2.3. All prices on our website, displayed in-store, or quoted to you verbally include VAT.
Purchases made within the European Union and then exported outside of the
European Union are exempt from VAT, and can therefore be reimbursed as
per the UK VAT Retail Export Scheme. When purchases are made in-store, we
are able to supply the appropriate form, however the completion of this form
and its correct use is your own responsibility.

2.3.1. In some instances, customers living outside of the European Union will not be able to reclaim UK VAT on purchases made when visiting. Products
exempt from VAT refunds include (but are not limited to) unmounted
gemstones and bullion. Please check your purchase is qualifiable before
attempting to reclaim VAT.

2.3.2. For your VAT to be refunded by Mitchel & Co, you must ensure your VAT
refund form has been stamped at the VAT refund desk appropriately. The
form should then be returned to Mitchel & Co for us to process the

2.3.3. Refunds will be issued by means of your original method of payment.

3. Pricing

3.1. We aim to keep all information on this website as accurate as humanly possible, but will not be held accountable for errors of any kind, whether they be technical or human. In the event pricing information is incorrect or outdated we reserve the right to change and correct those prices. In such cases we will not honour sales based upon incorrect prices.

3.1.1. In some instances, Mitchel & Co will include information from third
parties on this website. We are not responsible for the accuracy,
reliability, trustworthiness or any other factor of this information. This
information may include (but is not limited to) pricing. To the fullest extent permitted by UK law, Mitchel & Co will not be held liable for third
party content or information.

3.2. Mitchel & Co reserves the right to change our pricing without prior notice.
Changes made to pricing will have immediate effect, unless otherwise stated.
This will not affect previous purchases or prices already agreed. In some
instances, however, prices may differ from quotations due fluctuating
markets and subsequent costs. In such an event, you will be informed by your
point of contact at Mitchel & Co.

3.3. Any price reductions will be made at the sole discretion of Mitchel & Co and Mitchel & Co’s sales staff. Occasionally, Mitchel & Co may hold certain
promotions or events, particularly for returning customers. Please look out
for these on our website.

4. Delivery

4.1. On occasions when customers cannot pick up their order in person, a delivery service is available. We send orders via Royal Mail, both tracked and signed for, for proof of delivery. Please be aware you may be required to send proof of identity before shipment, and will be required to sign for your delivery. It
is therefore important that you are available to receive the delivery in person
or should specify an alternative arrangement. Please contact us on
info@mitchelandco.com to discuss delivery services in more detail.

4.1.1. Deliveries are fully insured against losses, damages and theft in transit.

4.1.2. Although we make every attempt to deliver goods within the estimated
timeframe, there is a possibility unforeseen circumstances may delay
delivery. Mitchel & Co do not warrant or guarantee the delivery date, and
shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, expenses or other
claims that you may incur as a result of a delayed delivery.

4.1.3. Upon receiving your delivery, you become the sole owner of the item, and
the item is held at your own risk. We are not liable for loss, damage or
destruction once received by you. See our Insurance advice outlined in
our Manufacturers Warranty.

4.1.4. The packaging we use for deliveries is discreet, and we do not write
phrases such as ‘Mitchel & Co’ or ‘jewellers’, for security and discretion
purposes. We ask that, in the event of returning an order by post, you do

not write phrases on the packaging that could indicate the value of the
contents. Instead, the package should be addressed to your point of
contact (not ‘Mitchel & Co’) or simply M&Co followed by our store
address. You can find out more information in our Returns Policy section.

5. Data Protection and Information Supplied by You

5.1. Sensitive information you supply via our website, including your name,
address and contact details, will be kept confidential as according to the UK
Data Protection Act 1998. You should be aware this information will be stored
on our computer database system.

5.2. Other information you supply or submit to our website, including but not
limited to comments, design ideas, suggestions and questions, will be
deemed non-confidential, and will therefore become the sole intellectual
property of Mitchel & Co. Mitchel & Co will therefore be able to disseminate
such material for commercial purpose without your acknowledgement or

6. Contacting Mitchel & Co
Should you wish to discuss any topics within these terms and conditions, or have any other queries regarding Mitchel & Co, please email info@mitchelandco.com