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Mitchel & Co Guide to The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham

Planning a visit to Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter? Well, you are in the right place – as a jeweller based directly in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, we provide expert insider insight into the area.

In this visitor’s guide, we give you all the information you need to get the very best from your visit. From the attractions to places to eat and drink, to the very best of the jewellery shops – we help you get the most from your visit.

The Jewellery Quarter – A History

The Jewellery Quarter is quite unlike any other destination in the UK. The quarter has been described by English Heritage as a ‘national treasure’ with a ‘particular combination of structures associated with jewellery and metalworking which does not seem to exist anywhere else in the world’. So, taking in some of the architecture is certainly a must.

The Quarter contains one of Europe’s largest concentrations of manufacturing jewellers and businesses in the jewellery trade and produces 40% of all jewellery made in the UK.

Historically, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has been the centre of jewellery production since the 1800s, in which it was home to some of the most skilled craftsmen and the birthplace of many advancements in the jewellery industry.

Today, the Jewellery Quarter remains a hub for skilled jewellers and jewellery manufacturers, with over 100 specialist retailers and craftspeople working here who combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs and premium materials to create stunning jewellery – often at better prices than anywhere else in the UK.

From bespoke designs and wedding rings to watches, gold and silver necklaces and gemstone bracelets to diamond earrings – the Jewellery Quarter inspires some of the most prestigious jewellers in Birmingham and the UK. This guide looks at the best jewellers in the Jewellery Quarter.

Planning Your Visit

The Best Jewellers in the Jewellery Quarter

One day is never enough to cover everything in the Jewellery Quarter, but the below list will ensure you get to see the best of what the Jewellery Quarter has to offer – including the best jewellers.

Mitchel & Co logo

Mitchel & Co

Mitchel & Co is an established, independent, and family-run jeweller based in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Platinum Jewellers Logo

Platinum Jewellers

Platinum Jewellers is a working jewellers specialising in platinum and 18ct gold engagement and wedding rings.

Diamond Heaven Logo

Diamond Heaven

Diamond Heaven is an established UK jewellers manufacturing diamond jewellery, engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond rings.

Bicknell and Sons logo

G.L. Bicknell & Sons

Bicknell Jewellers is a diamond jewellery specialist with 40 years experience in designing and making diamond jewellery, engagement rings, and wedding rings.

Diamond Quarter logo

Diamond Quarter

Diamond Quarter houses the finest pieces of jewellery made by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the country.

Victoria James logo

Victoria James

Victoria James is a family run manufacturing jewellers specialising in diamond engagement rings, ruby, sapphire and emerald rings, and diamond and gemstone pendants and earrings.

Michele White Jewellery

Michele White Jewellery

Michele is an acclaimed British contemporary jewellery designer, producing innovative and progressive collections in precious metals and gemstones.

Beo London Logo

Beo London

Whether it be to celebrate a momentous occasion or embellish everyday life, Béo offers an exclusive selection of bridal and fine fashion jewellery.

Becca Williams Logo

Becca Williams

Becca makes jewellery inspired by the natural world and is characterised by balance. She creates pieces with graceful shapes and sweeping curves in silver, gold, platinum & palladium.

Kate Gilliland logo

Kate Gilliland

Kate Gilliland creates wondrous and thoughtful pieces of wearable natural history, delicate pieces of jewellery that will spark your imagination, immortalised forever in precious metal.

Zolia Jewellery logo

Zolia Jewellery

Zolia Jewellery flirts with the idea that sculpture and jewellery are interchangeable. Wearable pieces of eccentric and quirky sculpture are turned into unconventional pieces of jewellery.

Quo Vadis Jewellery logo

Quo Vadis Jewellery

Sarah Leighton-Chapman and Eddie Chapman make up Quo Vadis Jewellery. They use traditional skills and techniques to create contemporary pieces.

Bond logo

Bond Jewellery & Diamonds

Bond bring together beautiful designs, stunning diamonds & gemstones, and master craftsmen to create breathtaking jewellery pieces made uniquely for you.

Kensington Jewellery Logo

Kensington Jewellery

Kensington Jewellery is a family run business that provides customers with a high quality product for a fair price, coupled with outstanding customer service, advice and professionalism.

Aardvark Jewellery logo

Aardvark Jewellery

Aardvark Jewellery hand curate the finest antique rings and antique jewellery, as well as provide skilled craftsmanship with our own line of brand new handmade jewellery pieces.

Laura Leedham logo

Lora Leedham

Lora Leedham has over 10 years’ experience creating bespoke and beautifully handcrafted jewellery. Everything is crafted to the highest standard using silver, gold, and palladium.

James Newman Logo

James Newman Jewellery

James Newman make beautifully designed, handmade bespoke jewellery. Choose from carefully crafted contemporary pieces, unique bespoke pieces, and remodelled pieces.

Element Logo

Element Bespoke Jewellery

Element Bespoke Jewellery intertwines the traditional production techniques with contemporary design to create eye-catching pieces of jewellery that turn your vision into reality.

Fei Liu Logo

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

The essence of Fei Liu Fine Jewellery is that of great drama and elegance. For Fei, design is all about the intricate details and pairing delicately sculpted settings with vivid and colourful stones.

Sonny Jewellery logo

Sonny’s Jewellery

Sonny’s brings to you a large selection of 9ct, 18ct, 22ct gold and platinum jewellery, offering a comprehensive service right from conceptualisation to the realisation of your special piece.

Museums & Attractions

The Jewellery Quarter is a Conservation Area and has over 200 listed buildings to explore so you cannot shop for jewellery in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter without visiting its prestigious landmarks. Learn more about the Quarter’s history and heritage by visiting a few key places of interest:

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter Logo

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter tells the story of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham’s renowned jewellery heritage and offers a unique insight into the working life of the Quarter.

Jewellery Quarter Clock

Chamberlain Clock

The Chamberlain Clock stands at the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. It is an Edwardian cast-iron clock tower erected in 1903 in remembrance of Joseph Chamberlain.

The History of the Jewellery Quarter

Warstone Lane & Key Hill Cemeteries

Many of Birmingham’s inventors are buried in the Grade II listed cemeteries including Harry Gem, the inventor of Lawn Tennis, and Alfred Bird, the inventor of Bird’s Custard.

Pen Museum Logo

Pen Museum

Located in a former pen factory, the Pen Museum tells the story of how modern pens evolved and Birmingham’s role at the centre of the pen trade in the 19th century.

JW Evans Silver

JW Evans Silver Factory

Established in 1881 and rescued by English Heritage, J. W. Evans is one of the most complete surviving historic factories in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

St Pauls Square - Birmingham

St Paul’s Square

St Paul’s Square, with St Paul’s Church at its centre, is the stunning last remaining Georgian Square in Birmingham.

Coffin Works

The Coffin Works is a preserved factory that specialised in the making of coffins. It is a museum about coffin making, with tours and stories of the funerals of famous people in history.

RBSA Gallery Logo

RBSA Gallery

Ideal for art lovers, the RBSA Gallery is a gallery space exhibiting exciting new artworks by local artists.

Food & Drink

Whilst shopping for your dream piece of jewellery and delving into the Quarter’s heritage, why not quench your thirst, enjoy some exquisite cuisine, and experience the buzzing nightlife in the many bars and restaurants that Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has to offer.

Cucina Rustica logo

Cucina Rustica

stylish Italian restaurant with chalkboard specials, dark wood tables, a bar, and an outdoor terrace.

Lasan logo


multi-award winning boundary-pushing Indian cuisine with stylish decor and passion-driven service.

Jam house Logo

The Jam House

big-name jazz, blues and rock acts in intimate 3-storey Georgian building with top-floor restaurant.

40 St Pauls

40 St Paul’s

exclusive and intimate award-winning gin and cocktail bar in St Paul’s Square with more than 140 gins and just 24 seats.

The Button Factory Logo

The Button Factory

renovated Victorian factory with an expansive rooftop garden now housing a contemporary venue for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The Lord Clifden logo

The Lord Clifden

dynamic venue known for its urban street art, screens for sports fans, hearty all-day menu, and one of the best beer gardens in the city.

Folium logo


a modern British restaurant bringing an innovative and exciting food style in a relaxed space with personal, informed service.

The Church logo

The Church Inn

sourdough pizzeria and hip go-to pub with eclectic decor and roof terrace.

The Rose Villa Tavern logo

Rose Villa Tavern

friendly staff, quality drinks, and comforting food in a stained glass, grade II listed building.

The Indian Brewery Company Logo

Indian Brewery

delicious Indian street food and craft beer taproom in a unique setting underneath Snow Hill railway arches.

Stirlings Bar logo

Stirlings Bar

daytime cafe/bar switching over to a lively evening venue, over 3 floors of a Victorian warehouse.

Anderson's logo

Anderson’s Bar & Grill

meat-oriented menu of grills and steaks in bare-brick vaulted cellars with wooden floors.

Ping & tail logo

Pig & Tail

thriving and modern cocktail and craft beer bar with fresh, locally sourced, exciting dishes in a relaxed, yet vibrant atmosphere.

Cappadocia Restaurant Logo


warm and friendly Turkish dining experience in a family friendly restaurant.

So what are you waiting for! Head to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter today to shop exquisite and beautiful pieces of jewellery, learn about its incredible history with museums and attractions, and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy delicious food and drink with the many bars and restaurants. Visit Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter today – it’s a real gem and true national treasure.