What is a Yellow Diamond?

Looking for something a little different? A yellow diamond may well be the perfect fit for you!

However, a yellow diamond sits outside of the regular D-Z diamond colour scale; it’s its own unique colour, which makes them quite rare to find naturally.

Roughly 1 in every 10,000 naturally mined diamonds have the “fancy” yellow colour. Despite this rarity, they’re relatively affordable, making them one of the most popular coloured diamonds.

So, what makes a yellow diamond special, and how much do they cost?

What do you need to know about yellow diamonds?


Yellow diamonds are mined from all over the world (although most come from South Africa).

You can also get lab-created yellow diamonds, which are still 100% real diamonds, but they aren’t mined from the earth’s crust, making them relatively cheaper.


Yellow diamonds are treated exactly the same as regular diamonds, and come in all cuts, shapes and sizes, with wide varieties of colour intensity and clarity. As a result, it’s important that, when shopping for a yellow diamond, you talk to a jeweller who has in-depth diamond expertise, and who can tell you everything about yellow diamonds (and how they can be sure that theirs are true yellow!).

How do you tell if a fancy yellow diamond is real?


The best way, as with every other diamond, is to ask to see a GIA certificate.


A GIA certificate guarantees that the diamond is authentic, both in composition and colour. This means that no dyes or chemicals have been added to the diamond, and that you can rest assured that the diamond you’re buying is a true yellow diamond.


How much are yellow diamonds?


As mentioned, yellow diamonds are quite rare naturally. Not only this, but yellow diamonds are regularly found with a high clarity rating, which also drives up the price, as it would with any diamond.


Generally speaking, though, a run-of-the-mill yellow diamond is only modestly more expensive than a regular diamond.

However, if you’re looking for a more intense colour, or for a higher clarity, then prices can range anywhere from 30%-150% higher for a yellow diamond, which is why it’s important to establish your budget and shop within it.

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