Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Cuts

Diamond cut is perhaps the most important of the 4 Cs of diamonds (cut, colour, clarity and carat), but what is it and how does it affect the overall beauty of a diamond? In this article, our experts explain how the diamond cut affects the quality of the stone and what you should know before you buy a diamond. 

How is the diamond cut graded?


When buying a diamond, it can help to be aware of the four Cs and the GIA grading system to obtain the best quality. The grades work as a guide, and each grade can refer to a varying scale of quality.


The grades for diamond cut include:

  • Poor 
  • Fair 
  • Good 
  • Very Good 
  • Excellent

As you have probably guessed, the best diamond to buy would be marked somewhere between ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ on the grading scale. However, it’s worth noting that a quality jeweller would only craft their pieces from diamonds that are graded highly. 


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Why is the diamond cut important?  


The diamond’s cut makes a huge difference in the way that light passes through the stone. In essence, the better the cut, the better the sparkle!


In some instances, the diamond’s cut may be compromised to save more of the stone during the polishing process. This allows diamond merchants to say that the diamond has a larger carat, which means a larger stone weight. 


Always remember – bigger does not necessarily mean better when it comes to diamonds.  


However, a poor cut can result in light leakage, which refers to the lack of light reflection from the stone. For example, if a stone is cut too flat or shallow, light can leak through the bottom of the stone and the diamond will not appear as luminous to the eye. 


Light is important to the appearance of a diamond because it affects fire and brightness. The fire of the diamond refers to the refracted colour, and brightness is the level of light return and contrast pattern. Both of these affect the overall beauty of the stone. At the end of the day, the better the diamond cut, the better the fire and brightness. 

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