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meet the team

Mitch Bicknell

Mitch possibly knows all there is to know about diamonds. Mitchel has worked in the jewellery trade for most of his career, starting out at G.L.Bicknell and Sons.

First established in 1979, it was here at the family shop that Mitchel learnt about the manufacturing process, growing up in the workshops and watching his father work at the board setting diamonds and gems.

Over the years, Mitchel has worked the shop floor, helping customers choose beautiful jewellery and advising on bespoke items or large stones. He later went on to study at the Diamond High Council, Antwerp for his Diamond Grading Diploma, giving him a highly skilled technical background in Diamonds.

Mitchel can be found every day in the shop, combining his diamond knowledge, practical experience, and friendly manner to help customers choose an exceptional diamond ring or piece of handmade jewellery.

Helen Bicknell

Helen and Mitchel met in 2004 and have two daughters, Layla and Brooke. On most days, you will find both Helen and Mitch working together in the shop, and this often provides a ‘humorous’ insight into the term ‘family business’.

Before setting up shop with Mitchel, Helen worked for the National Trust managing commercial operations and the visitor experience. With extensive retail knowledge and an eye for both product and design, Helen has an influence over many of the designs you can find in the store in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

If you are unsure of where to begin your search for your perfect ring, a consultation with Helen should be the first stop on your quest. Over the years, she’s put many couples on the right path!

Amie Banks

Following several years travelling the world on some of the most luxurious cruise ships, Amie set down her roots at Mitchel & Co as Production Manager, looking after our state-of-the-art workshops.

With an extensive knowledge of jewellery manufacturing, Amie is the Sun in the Mitchel & Co solar system. She carefully manages the creation of each piece of jewellery, from initial design concepts through casting, mounting, setting, and polishing. She is completely devoted to ensuring all our jewellery is the most beautiful it can possibly be.

Faye Barnett

Mitchel & Co’s director of sparkle, Faye manages our most important ingredient - Diamonds! Since graduating from Birmingham's School of Jewellery, Faye has put her qualifications to great use sourcing, selecting, and buying our certified diamonds and loose melee stones.

She cares for each one meticulously, and always keeps an eye on the workshop team to ensure they’re preparing and setting them with an acceptable level of love and attention.

Jade Ferreira

Jade studied Jewellery and Fashion right here in Birmingham before joining the Sales Team at Mitchel & Co as ‘Dream Maker’. Always ready with fresh ideas and inspiration, Jade works tirelessly with clients to ensure their experience here is as magical as possible.

If you want a champagne reception, a surprise gift, or the engagement ring of your dreams, Jade will make it happen. She can even put the most terrified shoppers at ease with her warm smile and friendly manner.

Nikola Feher

Niko joined Mitchel & Co in the summer of 2016 as the store manager. With many years’ experience in the jewellery and luxury sectors, Niko is an expert in diamonds and gemstones, and a marvel at customer service and consultations. Through his enthusiasm alone, our Croatian sensation will make any purchase at Mitchel & Co an experience to remember.

Deborah Osborne

The most experienced member of our sales team, Debbie is actually made of diamonds. Having catered to the rich, famous, weird and the wonderful over many years in the trade, she still invests her soul into every single commission. Taking all of us under her wing, Debbie has an instant empathy with customers that will have even the most frozen heart melting with happiness.

Mr Bear

The shop’s Head of Security, and sometimes just a cuddly bear, you’ll often see him sprawled across the shop floor sleeping on the job, or sunbathing at the front of the shop.

Not to be underestimated, Mr Bear may be nearly 14 years old, but he can still run fast and always has one eye on the counters!

Vilius Zarinskas

Mitchel & Co’s premier setter, Vilius (or just V) is, without doubt, one of the most talented craftsmen working in the jewellery trade today. At just 21, V has an extraordinary range of setting skills and a confidence that defies his years.

Having learnt almost entirely from his father, a highly reputed craftsman himself, V sets using a microscope - which gives Mitchel & Co jewellery a precision that is unsurpassed. He holds the Highly Commended award for World Skills UK and can not only set but create jewellery too.

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, V is an industry bombshell, setting the standard for fine jewellery here in Birmingham.

Donald Lippett

Don is premier mounter at Mitchel & Co, and the engine that drives the creation of all our fine jewellery. With over 20 years’ experience across all aspects of jewellery making, he’s an incredible source of knowledge and skill, who brings every piece of Mitchel & Co jewellery to life with flair and absolute finesse.

Birmingham dynamo born and bred, Don has his own unique brand of humour that keeps the spirit of the Jewellery Quarter alive.