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Grace & Glamour


Quintessentially classic and elegantly timeless, these simple solitaires are sparkling proof that less can most definitely be more.

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Happily Ever After


This is our collection of diamond solitaires that speaks to the girls for whom a single stone perhaps just isn’t quite enough. They’re wonderfully intricate, often elaborate, and always beautiful.

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New Romantics


Love comes in many unusual shapes. Almost all of them are included in this stunning collection of dazzling, dainty, and sometimes even decadent designs that will leave you breathless.

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From the Art


While fashions may fall by the way side, style will always endure. Inspired by the sophisticated art deco styles of the 20s and 30s, the diamonds and rings in this collection will get pulses racing just as much today as they would have done almost 100 years ago.

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